STEP 1 – Your Command Center

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The Traffic Downline Builder contains multiple free advertising sites and makes promoting any opportunity of your choice easy without ever spending a single penny!

In notepad or similar make sure you have a banner image URL of your favourite opportunity, a text ad, a link ad, an email message with subject line and obviously the destination of where you want to send people who interact with your advertising.

For SFI use the free gateway and ads/banners available in the Marketing Section of your SFI Affiliate Center.

Join Downline Traffic Builder. (DTB)

Decide how many sites you want to place advertising on everyday from the DTB list – Step 1

Start at the top and work your way down the list until complete. (Steps 2….??)

Repeat from Step 1.

Downline Traffic Builder was recommended to me by TommieK aka CaptKirk, a legend in his own lunchtime when it comes to free advertising the SFI opportunity. (See SFI forum if you don’t believe me!)

You can even advertise the above downline builder to leverage your time and efforts thru the help of others.

With this downline builder you can promote up to a 100+ sites promoting only one url.

You can find listings for:

– Safelists

– Viral Mailers

– Classifieds

– Traffic Exchanges

– MLM programs

– Banners Ads Network

– A combination of Traffic Exchanges/Safelists and etc…

You can use this downline builder as a system and use it as a must do daily tasks list to ensure you are doing all promotions you need to do to make your business successful.

Free advertising is easier and can save you unlimited amounts of hard cash!